Et si votre prochain  kif était d’avoir des relations sexuelles avec la Terre ? Vous pourriez vous rouler sensuellement dans la boue, faire l’amour avec passion à un arbre immense ou même poursuivre une relation amoureuse à long terme avec l’océan. Tout cela fait partie d’une tendance d’éco-sexe qui a explosée l’année dernière. Le mouvement compte pas moins  100 000 personnes eco sexuelles dans le monde et implique une combinaison d’art, de sexe et d’environnementalisme.

Qui sont ces personnes qui ont changé la métaphore de la « Earth as Mother  » en  « Earth as Lover »?

Ils sont aquaphiles, des teraphiles, des pyrophiles et des aérophiles. Ils embrassent sans vergogne des arbres, massent la terre avec leurs pieds et parlent érotiquement aux plantes. Ils caressent les rochers et admirent souvent les courbes de la Terre. Ils font l’amour avec elle  à travers leurs sens et célébrent leurs E-spots.

« La Terre est notre amant. Nous sommes follement, passionnément, et férocement amoureux, et nous sommes reconnaissants pour cette relation chaque jour. Afin de créer une relation plus mutuelle et durable avec la Terre, nous collaborons avec la nature. Nous traitons la terre avec gentillesse, respect et affection ». 

Qu’il s’agisse de se masturber avec une pression d’eau, d’utiliser un lubrifiant respectueux de l’environnement ou littéralement d’avoir des rapports sexuels avec un arbre, est ce qu’ une personne qui trouve l’érotisme dans la nature ralentirait  la destruction de la planète ?

J’ai rencontré l’américaine Lindsay Hagamen, elle fait partie d’un groupe de leaders imaginatifs qui ont publié l’ouvrage « Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love « . C’est le premier livre à donner la voix à ce mouvement écosexuel émergent.  Diplomée en sciences de l’environnement de l’Université Brown, Lindsay Hagamen a passé  beaucoup de temps durant son enfance à explorer la nature et a toujours ressenti une affinité pour l’air frais, le chant des oiseaux, les fleurs, les panoramas montagneux et l’eau dans laquelle elle pouvait s’immerger. Exposée à une diversité écologique et culturelle à la fois impressionnante et profondément humiliante, elle  réalise  ce qui était le plus important pour elle :  vivre une vie où elle pouvait baigner dans l’abondance de la nature et avec une communauté de personnes qu’elle aimait, tout en faisant sa part pour aider les autres à faire de même.

Rencontre avec Lindsay Hagamen  qui nous explique ce mouvement, leurs pratiques, leurs orgasmes écolos ….

How is Lindsay as a woman and eco sexual author, member ? 

I am a fierce lover of Life and immerse myself completely in whatever I am doing or experiencing. I want to feel what it is to be fully embodied, alive and in love with the world. So I am passionate and driven and can be intense at times. I am also deeply reflective, prefer being in small groups of intimates, and can be quite shy. I mostly care about what Lover Earth thinks is best and prefer to actively shape the world around me rather than conform myself to the status quo. I cry and laugh a lot, make love regularly, get dirty often, and lie awake at night thinking about what more I can be doing to create a deeply loving, sustainable culture.

How the ecosexuality was born and how can you explain it ? 

In many ways ecosexuality is an ancient concept that is being reclaimed. I believe that it is a response to a deep longing to immerse ourselves in the raw forces of nature, to remember that being human means we are part of this Earth, and to relearn how to draw our sustenance and nourish our souls from the very places we call home. The term ecosexual first appeared in online dating forums to describe someone who has an affinity towards Nature, someone who may enjoy going to farmers markets, going on walks through the forest, or skinny dipping in lakes. Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle took this term ecosexuality and began to apply it more broadly, expanding it into the realm of environmental activism and artistic expression with their series of ecosexual weddings.

Now, ecosexuality means many different things to different people and weaves together many different social movements. Ecosexuality is a social movement that infuses environmental activism with sensuality, pleasure and joy, it brings environmental awareness into the bedroom, and draws attention to how intimacy politics can shape our world.  Ecosexuality is an invitation to partner with the Earth and develop a relationship with Nature that is deeply personal and to experience our sexuality as part of the natural ecology of Life and ecology as an essential part of the thriving in our bodies.

How, When and why  did you start to be part of the Ecosexuality mouvement ? 

I first heard of the term ecosexuality in 2012 when I learned that Teri Ciacchi and Gabriella Cordova were hosting an EcoSex Symposium in Portland, OR. I immediately resonated with the phrase and it opened up a floodgate inside me. Before this, I never identified strongly with any sexual orientation or identity, I simply experienced myself as a sexual being. But the Earth really was my first love, and my sexuality developed and emerged alongside rivers and beneath trees. So, I didn’t really choose to be an ecosexual, I just am one. But when I realized that embracing sexuality as a force of nature was something that empowered and enlivened others to drop into deeper connection with their own body, particularly women, and when I realized that people coming together in celebration of our sexuality, our pleasure and our shared love for the Earth actually could help to create a better world, I recognized that my experience and perspective was something important to share.



What does it mean to talk erotically to plants, what do you say to them ? 

Good question! I can imagine that there are many different answers to this. For me, erotic energy is our life force energy, the generative energy that moves through all humans and all of life. So talking erotically to plants involves a communication that is deeper than words, it involves engaging with plants on a core level that enhances their life energy, their capacity to create beauty and abundance in the world. The erotic language of plants is spoken in soil and sunlight, water and wind. So helping to create the ecological conditions in which plants can thrive is my preferred way of talking eroticly to plants.

What is your definition of the E spots ? How can we get it ? What are the body’s reactions? 

Our E spot(s) is the part of nature that really turns us on, that is deeply pleasurable to us. When you’re  out in nature what do you get most excited about? What kinds of experiences do you seek? Is it basking in the sun? Feeling the breeze on your skin? Immersing your feet in warm sand, cool water or soft grass? Slowing down and observing how your body responds to your surroundings is a great way to learn more about your E spot. Every body responds differently, but pleasure, joy, relaxation, and exhilaration are common responses to being in and with nature.

What eco climax looks like ?

I imagine that there are as many eco climaxes as there are ecosexuals! Peak ecosexual experiences could be as diverse as eating a ripe peach and feeling its juices run down your lips and chin to gardening naked in a warm spring day, from making love with a partner amidst the redwoods to pleasuring oneself under the stars.

Do you think Earth can feel your pleasure ? and do you feel her pleasure ?

I can feel the pleasure of birds through their song, of trees through their flowers and fruits, of soil through the abundance of plants it grows, of entire ecosystems through rainstorms. What pleasure looks like and what it « feels » like is distinct for each species. But I do think that overall, Life seeks life-affirming experiences and expresses its pleasure through life-affirming acts.

I do think the Earth feels my pleasure. For example, when I am enjoying my time sewing seeds in the garden I plant more seeds, and thus eat more food that I’ve grown locally. Or when I feel full and satiated after orgasm, there’s precious little in the form of consumer products or services that I’m interested in buying. I don’t want to travel anywhere and I certainly have no desire to cause harm. So experiencing more pleasure translates into less mining of materials and less destruction of habitat. Less violence and more peace.

May you explain us this special erotic energy that comes with the Earth lover ? 

The Earth is the source of erotic desire, the drive to be fully alive, present, embodied and merged with all that is. Nature emerges out of this Life Force, and as a part of Nature, so do humans. We are connected to this source of such potent fecundity all the time, but often the busy modern life numbs us to its presence — many of us are so tuned into digital devices that we tune out this rich, deep well of energy that makes the whole planet thrive, that perpetuates life on Earth. So when we slow down enough to really feel the erotic energy that pulses through nature as it does through us, it can be exhilarating.  Tapping into this powerful generative energy whenever we want, and channelling it towards whatever we want, is a source of true personal empowerment. And when we channel it towards tending the Earth and community with love and respect it has the potential to make our world a better place.

How will be your advices for women and men to be connect with Lover Earth ? 

Make the time to spend with Lover Earth, and observe Lover Earth, closely and carefully. Come to undestand the desires of Lover Earth. Intertwine your body  with the Earth body: immerse  your hands in soil, walk through the forest,  bury your feet in a sandy beach. Tend to the body of the beloved: plant a garden, eat locally grown fresh food, pick up trash, walk or bike to your destination rather than drive, support organizations or people that devote their energy to caring for the Earth. Develop a relationship with a specific place and go there frequently, see how it changes through the season’s, and how it changes you. Make love in nature.

Do you have any special experience about ecosexuality to share with us ?

So many, it’s hard to pick just one! One thread that is woven through all my ecosexual experiences  is an embodied understanding that my sexuality is an expression of the Earth and Life Itself, a knowing that arises in my body that I am Nature. This primal sense of connection is both deeply humbling and wildly empowering.

What sex represents for you ? 

For me sex is an expression of our deep desire to connect with Life itself. It is the ecstasy of the union that brings us all together and joins us to a place.

What will looks like a planet where all the humans would be eco sexuals  ? 

This is fun to imagine!  It will be a world of ecological abundance,  where humans meet their needs in ways that contribute to the regeneration of ecosustems and planetary health. A world where humans treat ecosystems as bodies and bodies as ecosystems, where we embrace the naruralness of sensuality and the sensuality of nature. Where people come together out of a mutual love for the planet and use orgasmic energy to care for each other and Lover Earth. Creativity abounds and peace is created through pleasure.

What is your definition of Love ? 

I draw from psychologist M Scott Peck’ s definition: extending oneself for the personal growth and well being of oneself or others. So for me to love the Earth means to extend myself for the Earth’s well being.


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