Des porte-monnaie vintage qui se transforment en sexe de femme, c’est l’idée fantasque de Suzanna Scott ! L’artiste américaine installée à Ruston en Louisiane fait de l’Art depuis plus de 20 ans et a choisi le corps de la femme comme source d’inspiration.

Petites, grosses, charnues, discrètes, tombantes, Suzanna a imaginé ses vulves multicolores aussi diverses que celles des femmes dans le monde.  Ses « Coin Cunts » comme elle les nomme, Suzanna en a fait plus d’une centaine dans différentes matières. En cuir, fourrure, plastique, satin, coton, plus question d’y glisser des pièces, ces porte-monnaie ont à présent une nouvelle vie au féminin et sont peut être aussi une nouvelle forme d’Art à la portée de toutes les bourses !


Rencontre avec Suzanna qui m’en dit un peu plus sur le sexe des femmes et sur l’Art …


Why did you choose female body in most of your work ?

I was raised in a conservative, Protestant home where nakedness was avoided and sex was taboo. In an effort to cast off the constraints of guilt and shame that followed me from childhood my work has turned to face the once forbidden subjects of the body and sexuality. The forms I use are a conversation with the body and the universal female form. I respond to the ever-changing bulbous shapes and curved lines of the figure as they are part of me.

cunt coins

How did you get the idea to create coin cunts? 

There are a lot of found objects sitting around my studio. I like to experiment with them and eventually they may be used in my work. This is how the ‘Coin Cunts’ came about. Playing around with them, I turned one inside out, gave it a few folds and tucks and voila–a vulva! I realized I could hold the form with a few simple stitches. I started to search for as many of the little coin purses that I could find.


If you will have to describe pussy in 4 words ? 

Strong, warm, enveloping folds.

cunt coins 2

Which part of the female body is the most creative one for you ? 

I use the repetition of the breast form a lot in my work. Breasts are all different, no two are alike–even on one body. It’s a simple form but never boring. They have weight. They feed life.

Which one is the most erotic ? 

The hand or the vagina. Maybe both?!

Which one of your works is the most personal one ?

My most current sculpture is always the most personal. Once I move onto a new piece I detach myself as I send it out into the world.

How can you explain that nowadays women artists get more into the representation of  vagina ?

Maybe it is the shock value others find in sharing these forms on social media–they end up reaching a wider audience thus inspiring other artist to share their own interpretation of the vagina? I know my ‘Coin Cunts’ get the most views, comments and reposts of any of my work.


Do you think Art can change mentalities and help women to feel better with their vagina ? 

I certainly do! For decades the fashion, advertising and pornography industries have fed us a skewed sense of body image and self worth. I think Art can inform, inspire, educate and heal perspectives towards our own bodies.  We should all embrace and celebrate our bodies just as they are on any spectrum of race, age or sex. Just think–it is amazing that we are inhabiting these living/breathing forms we call the body!


Where can we see your work ? 

The best place to view and/or purchase my work is on my website or via Instagram. At the moment I have only exhibited my work nationally in the United States though my work can be found in private collections in over 30 countries. I am happy to ship work to France and would welcome an opportunity to exhibit my work internationally in the future!




Les autres travaux de Suzanna : 






La Renarde se plait à interviewer des femmes qui parlent de sexe.

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