Et si la queue des hommes devenait des mannequins pour shooting photo de mode ! C’est l’idée complètement géniale et farfelue de la photographe irano-canadienne Soraya Doolbaz qui adore leur faire porter des petits habits de poupées afin qu’elles deviennent de sympathiques personnages fictifs, politiques du showbizz et même des dictateurs …

Installée à New York, il y a deux ans Soraya a créé  Dictature Gallery  un site original où l’on peut découvrir certains de ses petits personnages phalliques : Napoleon, Hussein, Staline, Hitler, Trump et bien d’autres … Jouer à la poupée avec des chibres peut rapporter gros ! En effet, ses belles verges costumées ont séduit le Miami Art Basel qui a vendu ses éditions limitées à 10 000 dollars pièce ! Soraya propose aussi sur son site des accessoires pour la maison, le bureau, la fête avec la quequette de votre choix au premier plan ça pourrait bien être la votre ou celle de votre mec !

Rencontre avec Soraya qui me parle tout simplement de son travail, sa vision du sexe, de son amour pour les queues qui prend des allures de Révolution …

Who is Sarah Doolbaz ?

As a photographer, you could say I’m brave and I like to push boundaries. People always ask me if I studied photography and I haven’t. I’m the madonna of photography, I’m not that good but I have something to say. And I’m a wife and a new mom to a beautiful little girl.

What is the story of the Dick pictures ? 

Smartphones. That’s how this whole thing started. Around the time of the first black berry and iPhone men just started taking pictures of their dicks. This wasn’t really a thing before the critical mass of smartphones. Men weren’t exactly printing dick pics at their local grocery store and mailing it in an envelope. 

S - Frank

Did you get any difficulties to find men ?

My first model was a friends boyfriend. She shared the idea with him and he wanted to be a part of it. After that, I had so many models and usually though their girlfriends or wives. Women wanted to honour their partners dicks with a photoshoot. Often positioned as a gift. Now, I have more requests than I can count.

Are Men proud of their dick ? 

In general, no. I think most men suffer from penis envy. Porn has thought us that men need to have big dicks in order to be desired. My models are proud and confident, regardless of their dick size. That’s what I promote and thats who I shoot. Confident men with a good sense of humour.  

S - Old Dirty

How men react in front of the own dick photographs ?

They laugh! Which is the worst thing for a boner. That’s why its important to bring a partner with you to the shoot to help out with erection maintenance. 

Why did you decide to celebrate Dick ? 

Why not? We all love them and there isn’t enough of them out there on display. They are a source of fertility, as well, they give us pleasure. Women and gay guys are big fans of dicks in general and straight guys are obsessed with their own. 

S - MussoFINAL

What is a cock revolution ? 

It’s the cock being put back on the map. Celebrated like never before. Men are comfortable with their cocks and cock fans enjoy them without any embarrassment or story attached to it. 

What the penis represent for you ? 

Masculitnity, fertility, pleasure and humour. 

How can you describe a dick ?

By it’s characteristics. Colour, size, curvature and whether its circumcised.  

S - Saddam_blur copy

How do you choose a character for each  dick ? 

The model and is partner try on a many and I take lots of pictures. The pictures in the end are chosen based on boner quality, lighting and focus. 

What is your favorite dick twist pic ? 

I love Fidel. I spent a lot of money on that limited edition doll. Its just so elaborate. 

S - Castro copy 

How can be a life without dick ? 

It won’t be very fun at all. I guess you could get sperm in a cup and keep life going, technically. The presence of dick in one’s life can be very pleasurable and playful. 

What sex represents for you ?

Intimacy and pleasure. While it doesn’t have to but for me its connection and love. 

S - Hitler copy

Would you be interested in shooting pussy  ?  

I’ve thought about it. I don’t want to spread myself too thin across genitals. I would like to specialize in one genital for now. 

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La Renarde se plait à interviewer des femmes qui parlent de sexe.

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