Un physique indécent de sensualité, à tout juste 22 ans l’américaine Amy Nicole Hood est l’une des filles les plus hot d’Instagram.  On la retrouve sur son compte où elle partage ses mille visages de la féminité devant l’objectif de son amant et talentueux photographe américain Jonathan Leder. Attachée à l’image de la femme sous ses plus beaux atouts, Amy cultive un plaisir explosif qu’elle interprète avec ostentation. Dotée d’une aura particulière qui fait d’elle une femme féline et mutine, ses photos Polaroïds et argentiques sont de véritables bombes incendiaires où Jonathan Leder mêlent avec goût  l’Art, la mode et l’érotisme dans un style  rétro vintage. Model, actrice et aussi directrice artistique et productrice Amy Nicole Hood joue avec son corps et manipule ses idées avec dextérité et volupté … Au delà d’Instagram, on peut la découvrir dans plusieurs revues érotiques aux côtés d’Émily Ratajkowski ou de Britany Nola. 

C’est donc tout naturellement qu’Amy me parle de  nudité, de sa vision de l’érotisme, du porno et des femmes …


Who is Amy ?

Well, first and foremost I am an art director. I conceptualize, design and otherwise execute my various creative endeavors, primarily publications underImperial Pictures Publishing, our independent publishing house.  In terms of modeling, I don’t really consider myself a “model” and I do work almost solely with my business partner and long time lover Jonathan Leder. Of course it’s fun to model and be sexy, glamorous and mused upon too!In terms of myself as a person, Hmmm, creative, determined and driven for greatness yet almost completely incapacitated by a darkness inside of myself and the often unfortunate realities of the world and society.Though also abundantly energetic, inspired, thoughtful, honest and human, yet antisocial and self-destructive…. Vibrant, fiery and passionate, yet sensitive…. I feel vulnerable even telling you that!

Amy hood By jonathan leder

What the body and nudity represent for you?   

Nudity is just part of a person, a natural extension of someone’s personality when done tastefully.In most instances when I look at many nude photographs, it doesn’t really enter my mind that they are “naked,” it’s just a photograph. Generally the thought of nudity does not occur to me except when other people create a problem around it. That being said I do seem to be more attracted to photographs including nudity. It can bring a level of profundity and intimacy.


Do you think Porn has helped sexual emancipation   and women’s empowerment ?  

That depends on what you mean by “porn.” I find the term is used all too liberally and would certainly not describe my work as pornographic as it stimulates both aesthetic and emotional feelings, not just erotic ones. I would go further to define “porn” as documented genital penetration that lacks complex thought or depth, affection and intimacy even. I think any instance where a women feels comfortable and has the freedom to do whatever she pleases with her own body is empowering. Women shouldn’t feel pressure to don clothing nor not to.


You look more into 70’S porn , what do you dislike in the porn from nowadays ? 

I would say that is used to have more of a plot, was better in terms of filmmaking. The aspect of 70’s “porn” that is intrigues me is that, like other articles, movies, photographs etc of the past, it is documentary of the time. The people are different, styling is different, society and it’s mentality were different. “Porn” today is crass and over processed, and not personable, as is many parts of modern popular entertainment and culture.


What will be your definition of erotica ?  

  Provocation. Sexual enticement in all it’s glory. The suggestion of sensuality or sexuality.


How will you describe sensuality ?  

Sensuality is (can be) a natural extension of the self. The exploration of that part of the brain that drives our hunger for intimacy, depth, figure, flesh and, scientifically speaking, for prosperity. That innate and human part that one is born with, the curve of a hip, the smell of flowing hair the confident twinkle in the eye, sensuality.

What will be a life without sex?  

Probably pretty tense and certainly not very sexy!


What are your future projects ?  

Ooh you’ll just have to keep an eye out for them!


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Sites : www.imperial-publishing.com


Son instagram : @_amyhood_

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La Renarde se plait à interviewer des femmes qui parlent de sexe.

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