Have you heard about « Naked Therapy » ? Who is this young woman on the web offering a strange new way to help men in their conflicts and their unhappiness sex life ? Because traditional therapies have proven increasingly unattractive to them and because she thinks males are getting into what she calls « the new male hysteria ». Let’s explore the world of « Naked Therapy » and find out who Sarah White is …

Leah Schrager, who goes by the pseudonym Sarah White, is a therapist and student of Fine Arts living in New York. She grew up on the west coast and used to be a model, dancer, waitress, and had just started building websites for work. As an artist, she likes to play with different characters, so one day she  was joking with her friend about the idea of a helpful, sweet girl who’d build their website which led to the idea of the Naked Coder. Guys didn’t want her to build websites naked; they just wanted to talk.  Given her studies and her family  upbringing, this  led her to think up  Naked Therapy, so  with the grounding of some basic theories  she started offering it in 2010.

Who is Leah Schrager?

Good question. I guess it depends on who you’re asking.

So ,who is Sarah  White  ? 

Sarah White is the founder of  Naked Therapy. I decided to take on the name Sarah White in 2010, it was a very practical decision. I was running a performance space out of my home and was worried about the safety implications of broadcasting myself on the web. I also thought Sarah White sounded like a really good person to be offering Naked Therapy.


What is Naked therapy ? 

Naked Therapy is a real therapeutic practice. Therapy is a form of talk therapy conducted via webcam during which the client and/or therapist get undressed and that nakedness is used to facilitate unique experiences and insights.I think I’m still figuring out in what ways it is or is not art, and of course that depends on  one’s  definition of art.I think there are many ways in which the therapeutic profession is performative – I’m  an artist (no traditionally trained or identifying  psychologist  came up with the idea prior to myself, although, in hindsight, it seems like it was crying to be released from the sexual tensions inherent in therapy). I also think I  am  ready to take risks that licensed therapists can’t take for fear of delicensure – in this case allowing and welcoming arousal into the therapy room. I think there are many ways in which the therapeutic profession is performative. a therapist sets a stage for a client using a diploma hanging on the wall and a particular setting and a particularly informed  structured improvisation.

Doing Naked Therapy is intense,  and  I’m  very  invested in trying to help people. And I struggle, as I know many therapists do, with keeping balance and not becoming over-invested in my clients’ issues. I think my art practice has gotten more and more extreme because of this.  I both utilize the things I hear and learn during Naked Therapy in my art and  sometimes  work through  my  own  feelings  (as the Naked Therapist)  in my art.

Why do you use your body as a performative medium?

I grew up as a dancer and model, so I’ve always used my body. As I use it now, it seems to incite strong responses. As soon as the body goes online it is mediated and necessarily becomes somewhat performative. So this relationship of one’s own body to one’s virtual body is something I find quite interesting.



Can you tell me a bit about the Ona web site?

The Ona website is at It’s where I share all of the works I’m currently doing under one umbrella. No Ona is privileged over another. I’m also still figuring it out as it’s quite new. I’ve also developed some theories around The Ona Generation, which is the name given to those people, of any demographic, who possess, manage and promote Onas in a variety of virtual platforms.

Do you think your work is very close to the mark between Art and Porn?

Yes, I like to play with this boundary. I think there are both false and real lines that we  can  draw between them.  In using my own erotic image (not found images), I’m trying to figure out what they mean and say.  Also,  sexy images, I’ve found, tend to be categorized as commercial.  In my work there’s no default critical distance provided by a “found” image – the erotic image is me (the artist) – so I’m exploring the weight of this relationship.  I am  quite  interested in the complex interactions between commercialism and art.  Further, I consider the use of typically « commercial » or sexy images in my art to be a way for both men and women to have a more articulated relationship to these images.

Do you watch porn? If yes what is a good porn for you?



So see the list below of some of the things Sarah white can help her clients on :

– Resolving conflicted feelings
– Choosing between contradictory objectives
– Setting achievable goals
– Becoming more motivated
– Feeling more confident
– Identifying and overcoming sources of unhappiness, stress, shame and impotence
– Achieving a more satisfying sex life
– Improving intimate relationships
– Understanding and resolving feelings about porn use
– Seeing positively and harnessing the power of masturbation

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La Renarde se plait à interviewer des femmes qui parlent de sexe.

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