Stephanie Katzinger is an Vienna native photographer who tries to capture the spirit of the cities she visits. She explores the seedy and weird parts of New York and San Francisco to bring us photographic proofs with her Hamburger Eyes. In addition to her own works,  she has published “Senses” about pleasure from different artists point of views. 

Can you tell me a bit about your background and what was your first contact with photography ?

I got my first camera when I was a kid and have been taking photos my whole life. It was this urge to capture everything anytime. This passion started to conflict with my actual major in college – English Literature and Linguistics. But once I got my degree I moved to San Francisco and New York. After moving around for almost 3 years I’m back in my hometown. I had pop-up shows in NY, SF, had a collab show with my homie Julio Pardo in Vienna and will have my first solo show here in October.

How can you define your work ?

Capturing life as it is, right now. I like weird and seedy things and i would say that you can see that in my photographs.

What is your book Senses about ?  

The idea behind Senses was to show that pleasure has a different meaning for everyone. The theme was quite open and I found it very interesting to see what everyone submitted. Boobs and butts in every variety but also a set up for freebasing, a bouquet of flowers, photos of bands playing live, graffiti flicks etc.

Through erotica what do you want to show in your photographs ?   

I wouldn’t necessarily see erotica as a main focus in my photography. It just happens. As I said, I try to capture life as it is and I’m not afraid to include very private or more obscene parts of it.










Capture d’écran 2014-08-19 à 14.39.12

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La Renarde se plait à interviewer des femmes qui parlent de sexe.

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