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She creates unique paintings which reveal a delicate sensuality through woman ‘s body. Erin M.Riley is an american artist from Massachusetts who uses tapestry weaving as her medium.

She makes them out of hand dyed wool that use imagery found on the internet or imagery inspired by events that she’ve experienced. Graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and design and Tyler school of Art, Erin  works currently in NYC at Joshua liner gallery and in San Francisco at Guerrero gallery.

Why did you choose textile as a material to express yourself ?

Textiles chose me, especially the loom. I connected to it immediately and felt compelled to make my art in cotton and wool.

Women are essential part of your work , can you tell me why ?  

I am a woman, and day by day I work to understand myself. My work is a process of self exploration.

How are all those women you re making in your work ? where are they from ?

I hope they are good and happy and safe. I find images mostly online, google image, tumblr, twitter, Instagram. Images that are widely available to the public.

Do you have any artistics influences ?

I do have visual art influences, Louise Bourgeois has always been an inspiration to me.

What is Eroticism for you ?  

To me, eroticism talks about the action of sex, it’s a simple way of viewing nudity.

How long it takes to make a painting ?

My pieces take 60-100 hours and that’s just the weaving of the piece. There are so many other tasks that add to the process.

Do you have any projects ?  

I’m working on a bunch of new work that has been on my mind for a while and I am just having time for it. It’s hugely challenging but I’m excited for the results.

her website :

erin riley Underboob

Nudes 12 erin rileyshot 2 erin rileyNudes 8 erin rileyerin riley Underboob

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erin riley It All Started with the Webcam


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La Renarde se plait à interviewer des femmes qui parlent de sexe.

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