l'origine du monde

Dans son pays, l’auteur et illustratrice suédoise Liv  Strömquist est une star. Cette féministe engagée, héritière du mouvement punk nous offre une BD géniale sur toute l’histoire du sexe féminin : L’Origine du Monde aux Éditions Rackham. Diplômée en Science Politique et Sociologie, Liv s’attaque probablement au plus grand des tabous de l’Histoire avec érudition et une bonne dose de décontraction.

Sa BD met en scène tel un stand up une narratrice qui va nous faire voyager à travers plusieurs chapitres dans la fabuleuse et nébuleuse aventure du sexe féminin. L’ouvrage est une mine d’informations sur l’évolution de l’organe à travers les siècles, elle y dresse en premier lieu le palmarès des hommes qui se sont un peu trop intéressés à lui mais qui auraient mieux fait de se dispenser ; Elle aborde les représentations de sexe féminin, vu comme un manque, un vide ou encore un trou … Mais pourquoi les hommes en veulent une plus grosse alors que les femmes souhaitent de plus petites lèvres !? ; Ahhhhh puis vient l’orgasme, de sa croyance indispensable pour tomber enceinte à une époque beaucoup plus déprimante pour la sexualité féminine ; Pour son dernier chapitre, l’illustratrice met quelques touches de rouge dans son graphisme brut et naif en noir et blanc pour affronter la honte absolue : les règles ! L’origine du Monde de Liv est une BD à faire lire à tous : hommes, femmes , ados et je pense que c’est un livre indispensable pour l’Education comme celui de Diane Ducret La chair interdite  ( interview sur la Renarde). Il est temps de remettre enfin à sa juste valeur ce mystérieux organe, cet obscur objet du désir, vous savez celui par lequel nous sortons tous pour découvrir la fantastique vie terrestre  …

Rencontre avec Liv Stromquist qui m’en dit plus sur l’origine de son livre, le sexe de la femme, l’éducation, l’égalité … 

liv stromquist

Who is Liv Stromquist  ?

I live in The south of Sweden in a town called Malmö, and I’m 39 years old. I have two sons. I’m engaged in feminist issues, and in a broader sense The question of power : what power is and how it works in different ways. I have been publishing comic Books for about ten years in Sweden, and I also write scripts for the Theatre and work with radio. I often use academic theory in my work and mix it up with jokes, news from gossip magazines, references to The art history and so on mostly to entertain myself.

l'origine du monde

How the idea of « L’Origine du Monde » comes from ?  

When I was younger i was a Very engaged feminist activist, and i went to a small feminist underground cafe – where a girl Held a talk about The Female genitals. She told us, among other things, that the clitoris is a very large organ in the inside of the body – something that came as total news to me and contrary to what i had been told in my Books in school who said that it was only a very small spot. This amazed me !  how we still in modern Times’ know so little about our Own sex organs? So since then I’ve been thinking that one day i have to really explore this more.

How much did you know about the  woman’s genitals  before starting  your book ?  

I knew basic biological facts but many things in The cultural history if The Female sex organ, especially about menstruation came as total news to me , like for example that People in Sweden about 150 years ago thought that you could use menstrual Blood as a love potion !


Your book is very well documented , how much important for you it was to used History , Art to catch your audience ?  

It’s important for me to point out my sources, because often the facts I use in my comics are so outrageous and weird that you would’t Believe it was true otherwise.


Which informations  that  you have discovered,  surprised, shocked and  amused you the most ? 

A lot ! I think It’s very interesting that humanity for a long time viewed Female sexuality as the strongest, most uncontrolled, and then about 200 years ago completely changed into an idea that females didn’t have sexual desires, and even that The Female orgasm didn’t exist. It tells us about how we are Very much a product of cultural ideas.

l'origine du monde

More and more female artists, authors have decided to explore and celebrate the woman’s genitals . Do you think it has to get  massive to change human’s behaviors about it ?  

Yes, but i think were getting there step by step!

L'ORIGINE DU MONDEDo you think Education at school can help , which way will be the best ?  

Yes I think it would be Very good to give kids a more feminist education in Schools!

l'origine du monde

I think your book will be an excellent education one at school, What can you do to make it happen ?  

It’s been used in Schools in Sweden, but i think It’s up to The teachers to use !

Since we have discovered the real shape of the clitoris, How important it can be on the History or Women’s History ? Do you think it gonna affect women’s emancipation, Equality between men and women or any others social issues ?  

I don’t think The Discovery itself will have that effect. The emancipation of women i think will have to happen by raising everyones consciousness and also with Political reforms.

Even when you get angry ( block characters) you still used sense of  humor , how much it is  important for you to used it ?  

I don’t really know why i use humor, it just came naturally. Maybe because i like to joke and laugh. We who care deeply about the injustices and the pain in society can sometimes get too serious and It’s good for us to have a little break and just laugh.

L'ORGINE DU MONDEFor who did you make « L’origine du Monde » ?

I don’t really think about that when i Write, I just think about myself, about what makes me laugh or what facts makes me really excited or interested.

When do you  think  the woman’s genital will get the same recognition than the man’s one ?  

I don’t know! Hopefully soon!

l'origine du monde

La Renarde se plait à interviewer des femmes qui parlent de sexe.

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