Dans le monde de Rudooles, artiste anglaise, les kékettes, les vulves, les seins sont partout ! Ses cornets de glaces sont garnis de tétons, la trompe de l’éléphant se transforme en pénis géant, les sucettes sont de belles bites en dynamites, les sushis sont à la vulve, les chat chiens koalas bites et tout un tas d’autres animaux et objets que l’on découvre à travers les saisons … L’illustratrice qui vit à Brighton a eu la délirante idée de créer ainsi des cartes et t-shirts drôles, colorés dans un univers super kawaii ! Vous pouvez vous plonger dans ses créations sur Etsy ou sur son Instagram et y trouver des idées cadeaux …

Rencontre avec l’artiste qui nous en dit un peu plus sur son univers loufoque …

Who is Rudooles ? 

I am a illustrator living in Brighton, England. I graduated illustration Ba(hons) 2013 and always loved to draw since i was a little dot. Also my surname is ‘cox’ i feel like this was the path intended for me.


How was born Rudooles, and when ?

Rudooles was born with my obsession with drawing ‘rude’ drawings and blending them together with another love of mine, animals. I guess now because I’ve been drawing them lots  i can just see the possibility of everything being turned into either penis, vulva or breasts. But to the world of the internet Rudooles is just 2 years old, i wish i did it sooner its been incredible seeing people’s reactions.

Who is hiding behind rudooles?

A person who loves to make people smile and extremely endeared by the morphology of bodies. (sorry never sure how to describe myself!)

What is the funniest thing to draw : dick, vulva ?

Dick cat is my absolute favourite to draw, something about giving a peen whiskers and kitty ears brings me so much joy.

Where does this desire to transform all the objects of the quotient into funny dick, boobs … , why ? 

I love it when someone can find the resemblance of their genitals in something like a vulva biscuit.I also I think it’s important to embrace the diversity of everyone’s genitals and i love doing it in a playful way.

Do you see penis, vulva everywhere ? 

Absolutely everywhere! I feel like I’m in a world full of penis, vulvas and breasts and it’s wonderful.

What would be your definition of eroticism ? 

Very captivating.

What is sex for you ? 

It’s a need as natural as breathing, and i feel sex is the ultimate fun and bonding activity.

What products do you propose add to cards ? 

I really want to see my drawings hanging out on different mediums and pop them on all sorts of different things. I’ve just made Vulva t-shirt’s and will be experimenting this year with lots of other new bits.

Do you do any collaboration ? 

Nope, just little old me. (:




Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/rudooles/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rudooles/

Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/shop/rudooles?ref=l2-shopheader-name

La Renarde se plait à interviewer des femmes qui parlent de sexe.

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